We are excited to welcome you to the 2017 Teaching, Learning & Innovation Summer Institute (TLISI) at Georgetown University, May 22-25 in the Healey Family Student Center. We have an exciting programming schedule to offer you that includes innovative sessions, workshops, keynote speakers, social hours and more! Please use this tool, SCHED, to select the individual sessions you would like to attend throughout the week of TLISI. Please note—we recommend you select your sessions as soon as possible, as some sessions are capped at specific capacities! If you have any questions, please email tlisi@georgetown.edu. Thank you and we’ll see you in May!

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Christine Evans

Associate Professor
Washington, District of Columbia
Born in London, brought up in the U.K., N.Z. and Australia, now making my home in the U.S., and still can't pack a carry-on bag with the panache you'd think a world traveler would possess.

Can drive on both sides of the road, but not at once. Cannot distinguish one American strip mall from another, leading to hopeless navigation on any driving trip involving interstate (or other) freeways. Prefer to travel by train where I can daydream out the window and ignore my badly packed, overstuffed luggage.

-Let us do our best, even if it gets us nowhere. -- Henry Miller.